catechol oxidase


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  • Catechol oxidase — (EC number|; CAS number: 9002 10 2) is an enzyme that catalyses the oxidation of phenols such as catechol. Catechol oxidase is a copper containing enzyme whose activity is similar to that of tyrosinase, a related class of copper… …   Wikipedia

  • catechol oxidase — cat·e·chol ox·i·dase (katґə kol okґsĭ dās) [EC] any of a group of enzymes of the oxidoreductase class that catalyze the oxidation of catechols to 1,2 benzoquinones. They are copper containing proteins that act also upon… …   Medical dictionary

  • catechol oxidase — noun An enzyme, similar to tyrosinase, that catalyses the oxidation of phenols such as catechol …   Wiktionary

  • Catechol oxidase (dimerizing) — In enzymology, a catechol oxidase (dimerizing) (EC number| is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction:4 catechol + 3 O2 ightleftharpoons 2 dibenzo [1,4] dioxin 2,3 dione + 6 H2OThus, the two substrates of this enzyme are catechol… …   Wikipedia

  • Catechol — Not to be confused with Catechin, also sometimes called catechol. Catechol …   Wikipedia

  • Catechol-O-methyl transferase — Catechol O methyltransferase Cartoon diagram of human COMT in complex with 3,5 dinitrocatechol (dark blue) and S adenosyl methionine (yellow). From PDB 3BWM …   Wikipedia

  • catechol — 1. SYN: pyrocatechol. 2. Term loosely used for catechin, which contains an o c. moiety, and as the root of catecholamines, which are pyrocatechol derivatives. c. O methyltransferase a transferase that catalyzes the methylation of the hydroxyl… …   Medical dictionary

  • Polyphenol oxidase — Identifiers EC number CAS number 9002 10 2 …   Wikipedia

  • diphenol oxidase — SYN: catechol oxidase. * * * di·phe·nol ox·i·dase (di feґnol okґsĭ dās) see catechol oxidase …   Medical dictionary

  • polyphenol oxidase — SYN: laccase. * * * poly·phe·nol ox·i·dase (pol″e feґnol okґsĭ dās) see catechol oxidase …   Medical dictionary

  • Monoamine oxidase B — PDB rendering based on 1gos …   Wikipedia

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